Zlep is a powerful psychic combatant. His powers become stronger the longer he sleeps. This is called his "Psychic Nap", and at the full power can do a lot of damage. He also has the ability to cause others to fall asleep, either by hitting them with a Snooze Club (which he always carries) or using a lullaby calming effect. He can also sense presences, and can sense minds over 500 feet away at his full power. However, his attacks also severely weaken him, as he uses all his power at once.

Zlep is a... well, he's a Zlep. A Zlep is a Pokemon that I created for my own pokemon game that never got anywhere. However, Zlep, along with Pegas, continue to live on through other media. Zlep is a tall, blue, humanoid creature, and he always carries two clubs with him. He also has an umbrella sticking out of his head. Finally, his eyes are usually closed. He is very lazy and will not initiate combat, unless others come too close to him.