Due to my blog getting famous, one of my friends decided he wanted to do a weekly blog. Starting in the beginning of 2013 ZettaiRyouiki began discussing girls that he likes.


Thus, his character blog was created. There are differences in preferences, the main one being that he removed "face" for "voice" and swapped "breasts" with "butt". There are additional minor differences, but otherwise the structure of the blogs are the same. Like me, he decided to have an overarching story. His involves a group of females that he dislikes going after him (much like what I had done earlier). It is also traditional for him to have at least one girl from a mecha series each month. Zettai also often has very perverse interactions with his girls, such as asking them to dress up or giving their butts attention somehow. Finally, each opponent he faces usually has some type of relevance to the characters he discusses through the month, with them reappearing for a final showdown. Unlike the earlier pages, a monthly summary is not provided.

January Edit

ZettaiBlog 158: Mage Knight (Terra/Tina Branford)

ZettaiBlog 159: Lesbians can be bears too (Ginko Yurishiro)

February Edit

ZettaiBlog 160: Princess Consuela Bananahammock (Haruka Haruno)

ZettaiBlog 161: TIGER UPPERCUT! (Shima-tan)

ZettaiBlog 162: Lazier than a rug on valium (Izumi Takanashi)

ZettaiBlog 163: Bone Lover (Sakurako Kujou)

March Edit

ZettaiBlog 164: Epic Winning (Fumina Hoshino)

ZettaiBlog 165: Shocking Truth! (Chaika Trabant)

ZettaiBlog 166: Nico nico nii! (Nico Yazawa)

ZettaiBlog 167: Tomato Bacon (Kyouko Toshinou)

ZettaiBlog 168: Akita Imokko! (Nana Ebina)

April Edit

ZettaiBlog 169: Baronian Queen (Rosa Joanna Farrell)

ZettaiBlog 170: Kiss of Death (Yoko Littner)

ZettaiBlog 171: Unlucky Cat Lover (Sakaki)

ZettaiBlog 172: Insane Scientist (Thouars)

May Edit

ZettaiBlog 173: Delicious Cake (Hosshiiwa)

ZettaiBlog 174: Crack Sniper (Shino Asada/Sinon)

ZettaiBlog 175: Wendy's actually left Spain several years ago (Wendy Garret)

ZettaiBlog 176: Childbroom Friend (Houki Shinonono)

June Edit

ZettaiBlog 177: Idol of Centy (Ran Shibuki)

ZettaiBlog 178: Moonshine Carried by the Messager of Love (Saaya)

ZettaiBlog 179: Charred Newt (Aoi Futaba)

ZettaiBlog 180: Vampire Coffee (Moka Akashiya)

ZettaiBlog 181: Silent but Deadly (Kotonoha Katsura)

December Edit

ZettaiBlog 182: Beloved Assistant (Kimiko Topaz)