War of the Worlds was the first RPG video game I wrote on. Because of this, and my lack of true game understanding, there's a lot of errors and paperwork missing. It was written in pen due to the thick lines on the notebook paper.

It doesn't have much of a plot besides collecting characters. Presumably, Cole did something evil, and it involves making machines or something, and Ben has to gain allies to stop him. This game introduced every main character, including many gem carriers. It also introduced most enemies, although a few weren't in many other games.

Like many of my games, the battles are similar to Dragon Warrior, where you do not see the characters. However, it is unknown how many were originally in a party.


  • Page 1: Coni; Flight Run; Plaza; Hotel; Basement; Second Floor; Roof
  • Page 2: Anoit Plateu (Anoint Plateau); Church; Under (Grave)
  • Page 3: Tomb; Cave (Basement)
  • Page 4: Forest; Foresto; J. Mart
  • Page 5: J. Kave; Dagger Island; Josh Coni
  • Page 6: Bone; Canimal House; Scare Coni
  • Page 7: Sect Cave; Sea; Yoster Isle
  • Page 8: Factory
  • Page 9: More Factory; Gela Isle; Joey Coni
  • Page 10: Jewel Isles; Underground
  • Page 11: Robo Cave; U.F.O. Cave; Power Castle
  • Page 12: Bad Machine; Canyon; XLab; Inside; Beach; Villi
  • Page 13: House



Problems and ErrorsEdit

Besides the obvious "not much plot" gameplay, there are a number of problems.

Many enemy designs have been lost to the times.
It is unknown how the battles actually took place, as the only thing that was noted is their HP. Occasionally, a Plot item is dropped, but nothing else.
There are no mini battles, and there isn't anywhere that the money is listed, but there are stores.
Equipment is usually easy to find. There's often enough armor in a chest to outfit your entire team. Not party, TEAM. This is disregarding the "All full equipment" chest in Factory.
There's a "All Full equipment" and "All EXP Full" chest in Factory. It might be okay if it was hard to find, but the game assumes you get it.
HP is boring. Each boss only has 50 (or more in later ones) more HP than the last, and there aren't any discrepancies. Battles with multiple enemies have them take an equal cut in the HP pool.
Avan is gotten fairly early, but there's only two places to fly to. This is a waste of mechanics.
Event flags are common, but "Hidden". For example, only Polls can cross deep water, so finding him becomes necessary.
There is no script.