Intelligence Turquoise




Joey 9762



Second form

Fury Turquoise

Third form

Mental Turquoise

Attack 1

Wolf Attack (Calls illusion wolves to attack)

Attack 2

I.Q. Beam (Damages the mind, delaying reactions)

Powers and History Edit

Turquoise is one of the lesser known gods. This is because he rarely makes personal appearances, and works through avatars. This does not mean that he doesn't know what's going on, or that his fighting strength is terrible. He is a fairly strong god, much like Onyx. He uses telepathy to communicate usually. In fact, it is said that he knows any fact when asked, and thus needs many informants.

Turquoise's attacks revolve around subterfuge and stealth. This includes attacking the opponent's mind, causing delusions and slower reaction time. Due to this, he is considered a dirty fighter.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Intelligence Turquoise is a semi-circle gem. However, there is three non-turquoise parts that look like triangles in the middle. The outer two would likely make a square if the gem was a complete circle. The middle triangle would be a diamond shape if the stone was a full circle.

Turquoise looks like a werewolf, being a humanoid wolf. However, on his back are two metal spikes. This complements the left side of his body, which is robotic. His left upper arm has an energy tank on it, which supplies the wrist mounted laser he uses.

It is said that the metal part of Turquoise's body symbolizes man's reliance on machines for information these days. This is how people think that he can keep all this information, but it is again due to a link with a multitude of informants.


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