Topaz Essence is a mixture of the most potent healing materials known. It can heal any wound, cure any illness, and can even return man to life. It can even cure most muscle or organ damage. However, the mixture is used only in emergencies, and even then it is limited. Often, it is considered a mythical cure all, or a sham. Fake Topaz Essence has lead to many claims of fraud, and are easily prosecuted.

The essence itself is a milky semi-liquid, and is fairly sweet tasting. Topaz Essence is usually contained in single-use vials with a lid. However, attempts to dilute it with water are unsuccessful, and are being attributed to the chemicals in today's waterways or treatment plants. No addiction has been linked to it.

The way to make it is unknown, although those that do know are typically carriers of the Life Topaz. This makes Josh 1510 the only known creator, and is the reason many fake samples are busted.