Life Topaz




Josh 1510


Creating/Destroying life forms, Perfect Mimicry of life forms, Immortality

Second form

Cosmic Topaz

Third form

Universal Topaz

Attack 1

Carboloading (Steals energy (EG. Carbohydrates) from opponent)

Attack 2

Carbos (Blasts a large amount of energy at opponents. Deals additional damage to Undead)

Powers and History Edit

Once upon a time, Topaz was the strongest of the Elemental Gods. One of the largest contributions to this is that it could replicate almost any other ability. Once the 4 Forbidden Gems were unlocked, however, he fell to second.

Topaz is still considered the King of the Gods, and rules the Sexticle. In fact, in the Legend of Topaz, it is Destiny's main quest to destroy Topaz.

There's a rumor that Topaz was a Man-made God, but this is a lie based on the fact that he was one of the last elder gods to show up. Adding to this fire is also the almost mechanical-looking body that Topaz has. However, this is just theory, and conversations with Emperor Josh have proven otherwise. "Topaz is fairly shy" He claimed "So that may have had something to due with his late appearance. As for his machine looks? Well, in truth, Topaz is a skilled shapeshifter, like most of his followers. As such, his basic form has the shield for defense and honoring his stone and the giant gun for offense. Although the gun may look intimidating, he can shoot his Carbos attack from any part of the body."

Carbohydrates are the basis for many of Topaz's named attacks. However, it is more likely that it was mistranslated as proteins, due to the effects of his victims being similar to starvation and entropy.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Life Topaz is a heart shaped stone, with a deep crack down the middle. One side is yellow, while the other is pink.

As stated before, Topaz appears to be very mechanical looking. His torso and main body appear box-shaped, and the remainder looks somewhat humanoid. His right arm ends in a triple-barreled gun, while the left is a faintly claw-shaped. However, in his left hand, he usually wields a large Heart-shaped shield, symbolizing his gem. Topaz's four legs are spider like, extending from the corners of his body. These allow him to walk in every direction, similar to a crab.

Topaz's facial features are fairly simple, with eyes and a grate over where his mouth and nose would be. He also appears to have a single-lens scope over his right eye, though it is unknown whether this aids in his attacks.

Height wise, Topaz measures at 15.24 meters tall (about 50 feet).


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