The Stone Series is a series of creatures that represent an earth-based villain.

Stone MinorEdit

Stone Minor is the weakest of the Stone Series. He has few attacks, and is usually a boss in the beginning of the game and a regular enemy near the end. He looks like a triangular-shaped stone with two feet and a face.

Stone MiddleEdit

Stone Middle is an average-strength creature of the stone series. He looks like Stone Minor, but has a few more peaks on his head. He also has exaggerated eyebrows, lips, and cheeks, similar to some stone statues.

Stone MajorEdit

Stone Major is fairly strong. He has very powerful Earth-based attacks, including dropping himself on an opponent. Considering his weight, this will likely kill a person. He also has a very high resistance to attacks. He looks like a bipedal lizard made out of stone. He has a crest on his forehead.

Steel MaximousEdit

Although Steel Maximous is not technically a "Stone", it is treated as the final stage of the Stone Series. It doesn't have the resistance to attacks that Stone Major has, but it has much greater evasion, agility, and attack. He also does not have any earth attacks, preferring fire- and electric-based attacks. He looks like a humanoid robot, but more alien-like. He can hang on walls and ceilings, much like Zircon. He has a rectangular head, with a mouth coming out the bottom and very beady eyes. He has a fin sticking out of the back of his head. On his shoulders are two laser guns and bottomless missile launchers.