The Slasher Dagger is often times the best dagger a thief type character can equip. It is based off of a design for Quest for Glory 5, with a pointed blade and two points on either side of the tang. It usually is very plain, giving off an idea that it doesn't get blood on it.

War of the Worlds VIII: Memories of GaiaEdit

The Slasher Dagger is dropped upon defeating Assassion in Metro 2.

Slasher Dagger
Base Damage: 100
Miss Chance: 1/16
Equipped by: Brandon

War of the Worlds X: Shadows of SkiesEdit

In this game, the Slasher Dagger is stolen from Kalaw, a boss in the Gemini Tower.

Slasher Dagger
Base Damage: 145
Accuracy: 250
Equipped by: Brandon
Special: Long Range

War of the Worlds XI: Destiny's CallEdit

The Slasher (dagger) is found in the maze puzzle at Lambda Labs. It is a Sword.

Base Damage: 112
Slots: none
Equipped by: Destiny, Syrris, Kenisis

War of the Worlds XII: Return of RuteorEdit

The Slasher is Brandon's best weapon, and can be bought in the Great Arena for 60,000 points.

Base Damage: 133
Accuracy: 225
Equipped by: Brandon
Special: Long Range, x1.5 Critical damage.