Skuba is a nyntindois boss, and is fairly weak. This is because his only power works underwater. He can create mighty bubbles and whirlpools. Other than that, he is fairly weak.

Skuba is a human, but his powers from a machine he rides that he build himself. It consists of a platform with two handles and a fan system on bottom. He usually wears a life preserver and a scuba mask, complete with snorkel.

Skuba's main rival is Polls, due to them both being aquatic battlers.


War of the WorldsEdit

Skuba is fought twice, and both times he requires Polls to be in the party (due to fighting in the water). The first time is Underground, and he has 2,500 HP. The second time is in U.F.O. Castle, and he has 3,600 HP. He also drops the Rool Key, which is needed to continue through the cave.