Ice Sapphire


Ice and Water




Winter storms, temperatures, water

Second form

Giga Sapphire

Third form

Sapphire Tiger

Attack 1

Freeze Beam (Freezes target with cold breath)

Attack 2

Flying Ice Kick (Freezes opponent, and kicks them away)

Powers and History Edit

Sapphire is a cold creature, and is the Elemental Lord of Water. However, his true power lies in ice-based attacks. He is much more powerful that the actual God of Water, Aquamarine, so he takes priority in the Sexticle.

Sapphire's breath is about as cold as liquid nitrogen (about -196° C (-321° F)), and can easily cause frostbite or loss of digits in a direct attack. The area is also fairly chilly around Sapphire, because as an ice creature he needs a cool environment. If melted, he can usually rebuild himself within minutes. This includes parts of his body, which resembles regeneration. He has also been known to transport himself in a flurry of snow.

Sapphire's sword is nicknamed "Borialus" after the ice continent. While used for ordinary attacks, is primarily used to parry or block other powerful attacks. The sword has the same properties as Sapphire himself.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Ice Sapphire is an orb-shaped crystal suspended on a small pole with two holders. The facets on the inside make a hexagon, with a deep blue color in the center.

Sapphire looks like a bony humanoid, but much taller. He is very tall, at 20 meters tall (65.6 feet). His body is made up of solid ice, excluding the joints. His shoulders appear to be padded by an extra strong diamond-shaped layer of ice, much like shoulder pads.

Sapphire's face is pointed and has a very slit-like mouth and eyes. His head has 3 points, each extending backwards.

Borialus is a fairly standard long sword. It looks to be approximately 11 meters (about 36 feet) long, with a 9 meter (about 29.5 feet) long blade. The blade itself looks to be made of the same material Sapphire himself is. This is proven by his ability to recreate his blade at a moment's notice.

Editor's Note: Sapphire, like the rest of the Elemental Lords, was inspired by the titans of the Disney movie Hercules. 


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