Fire Ruby




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Control over Flames, Volcanoes and Magma, and Fire-based creatures

Second form

Ruby Dragon

Third form

Ruby Phoenix

Attack 1

Atomic Bullet (Uses own radiation as a projectile for his gun)

Attack 2

Radiation Beam (Causes enough radiation to burn through nearly anything)

Powers and History Edit

Ruby is the resident Fire Elemental Lord. As such, it is normally him who causes problems within the Sexticle, having the smallest domain among those six. This causes him to be hot-headed and easily angered. Many worshipers have had their entire villages destroyed by his one of his outbursts.

Due to the laws of Convection, it is very difficult to come near Ruby without protection. The Celcius ring is almost almost always necessary to speak to him. The heat is equivocal to that of actual magma, which is between 700° and 1300° C (about 1300°-2400° F). Additionally, his body also generates radiation, making it even more difficult to approach him. It is unknown how our ancestors approach him, but it may have to do with high priests not being expected to bear children. However, ancient scriptures say nothing of this radiation, so it may just be a recent addition to Ruby's abilities.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Fire Ruby is a large red ruby situated on a V-shaped holder with a pedestal. Cut-wise, it looks similar to the Wind Diamond. The holder is black, and the pedestal looks like 5 ovals situated upon each other, with the largest at the bottom and decreasing upward.

Ruby appears to be an amorphous blob of lava with facial features. As such, very little information is found as to the exact dimensions and weight of him. He is able to move by forcing himself to "wave". If initiated, he can extend hand-like pseudopods to manipulate objects, such as his gun.

For some odd reason, Ruby is occasionally seen with a large gun. The gun is reminiscent of a nuclear power plant, and is used for his Atomic Bullet attack. He does have to use his own body to shoot, but it repairs itself immediately.

Editor's Note: Ruby, like the rest of the Elemental Lords, was inspired by the titans of the Disney movie Hercules. 


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