Earth Quartz




Ben 52


Control over earth, rock, and Earth-based creatures

Second form

Terra Quartz

Third form

Quartz Turtle

Attack 1

Rolling Strike (Turns into a giant ball of earth to tackle enemies)

Attack 2

Super Rock Max (Mix of improved martial arts and earth magic)

Powers and History Edit

Quartz is the resident Earth Elemental Lord. He mainly attacks in hand-to-hand combat, or hand-to-body combat, as it usually is. Often, Quartz can appear suddenly by moving under the earth. He can also create earthquakes in this way.

Onlookers have stated that his Rolling Strike attack destroys buildings like a "Supersonic Wrecking Ball". It is unknown if detachment from the ground changes his strength, but if so there would be little difference.

Quartz is strongest in a defensive fight, due to his difficult to destroy outer shells and rock hard skin. The longer a battle lasts, the higher chance of Quartz winning is due to his durability.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Rock Quartz is one of the most decorated gems. It is mainly a flat disc, with 3 rings. The two outer rings are divided perfectly into 4 portions, though the portions do not match up. The center ring, where the true Rock Quartz lies is in the shape of an eye. It is said that Quartz himself judges potential owners through this eye.

Quartz appears to be a Humongous Stone golem with multiple heads. It is unknown the purpose of the multiple heads. These heads are also questionable due to the fact that they lie within his shoulders. These heads have three slits each, two diagonal pointing down inward for eyes, and a horizontal slit for the mouth. Others compare Quartz to a mountain due to his immense size, especially from behind or afar. Quartz is mainly humanoid in figure, with two legs supporting a torso with shoulders and two arms. His shoulders are especially broad, and the stone pieces make Quartz appear muscular.

It is unknown what type of rock Quartz is made out of, as it doesn't seem entirely Quartz. It is said that he is made up of any available stones that are common in the area he is summoned. However, his height, weight, and coloring vary little due to this.

Quartz's hands are large, much like a fist fox's, and are rectangular. Each contain three fingers and a thumb. Upon Quartz's fingers are knuckles that appear to be cone-shaped. Their pattern is similar to the Earth Quartz's outer rings. The constant perfect shape

Quartz is definitely the heaviest god, as he is made up of stone and his sheer size. Quartz, at his smallest measured, is over 18 meters tall (about 60 feet), and far too heavy to weigh, and he can increase his size by gathering more stone debris.

Editor's Note: Quartz, like the rest of the Elemental Lords, was inspired by the titans of the Disney movie Hercules. 


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