Fear Peridot




Michael Porom


Fear and discomfort

Second form


Third form

Spine Peridot

Attack 1

Tentacle Pull (Pulls opponent underground)

Attack 2

Tri-laser (Shoots Triangular beam at opponent)

Powers and History Edit

Peridot is fairly strong, but his power comes from surprise attacks. He tends to use fear as an advantage, and can burrow underground quickly. He may not be very intelligent, but there have been sightings of him being with both Zircon and Obsidian, which is surprising that the latter is an opposed domain.

Peridot doesn't have very many worshipers. Those that do usually offer other man species to prevent him from going berserk, as has occurred in the past. Once, he destroyed a temple and ate all of his worshipers. This event is his highest kill count in a day on record. Over 2,000 lives were lost. Due to this, it is advised that those wishing to pray to him are suggested to have a live or fresh animal corpse, and make sure there is no blood on them. Sudden movements are also bad, as Peridot's main sense is his ability to sense disturbances in the ground. However, a successful prayer usually works, as Peridot seems to honor those who pay him respects. He usually demoralizes a person to the point of surrender.

Most of Peridot's attacks originate from his three tentacles. While able to regrow them, it usually takes a few days, so that is a weak spot during battles.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Fear Peridot is a pentagram, much like the Wind Diamond or Fire Ruby. However, the gem is usually held so that the point sticks upward. Additionally, the stone has many more facets that the others, and is a light tan color. You can slightly see through it.

Peridot's body is grub-like, and has a segmented body with small spikes. He uses these mobile spikes to dig underground and is able to maneuver better than many humans despite his great size. He can even catch up to vehicles such as cars or trucks. he does not come entirely out of the ground if he can help it. It is suggested that he is up to 9.1 meters long (30 feet), and 1.8 meters (6 feet) across at the widest point, and weighs 15 metric tons (16.5 tons).

Peridot completely lacks eyes; he doesn't need them, due to living underground and able to sense movement. Their heads consist of a massive, flesh-colored, armored beak, which is used to push aside the dirt whilst digging. The beak opens up like a grotesque flower; it consists of a wide upper jaw, a thinner lower jaw, and a pair of hooked mandibles on either side. His skin is thick and leathery, with a rough, pebbly texture.

Peridot has a trio of long, powerful, serpent-like tentacles, which are prehensile and have a reach of at least three meters (ten feet). Each of the three tentacles has a smaller, tooth-filled mouth and four horns on the top and bottom of their heads, both of which he uses to snag prey.

Editor's Note: Peridot is modeled after the Graboids from the movie Tremors. 


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