Honor Pearl






Justice and law enforcement

Second form

Shadow Pearl

Third form

Cyber Pearl

Attack 1

Electroplasm (Shoots multiple blast of electrical energy)

Attack 2

Pearl Suplex (Attacks by blasting 3 daggers at target.

Powers and History Edit

Pearl is one of the lesser gods, and is one of the most misunderstood ones. Originally, Pearl was considered to be the gem of Plasma. However, further research proves that this earlier findings are incorrect. Pearl does have the ability to right wrongs, and is often considered a benevolent god as well. Those have lost their way are often corrected by Pearl.

Pearl's attacks are usually randomly targeted, however, which may make him appear evil. However, those that are not his targets don't usually get hurt, so there are few cases where he is proven to be bad. However, this does not mean that this has gone untested. It's more likely that the non-targets were attacked, but Pearl merely used very little of his power, and even at full blast Pearl is unlikely to kill those that have not angered him.

Both of Pearl's attacks originate from his daggers. As such, he is vulnerable during his Pearl Suplex attack.

Rumors persist that the Honor Pearl was created from sand from Amethyst getting stuck within Aquamarine's shell.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Honor Pearl looks very close to a normal pearl. However, even ordinary people can see little differences while around it. Additionally, the Honor Pearl has had very few thefts, as those who steal it immediately feel remorse afterward, and promptly return it. The gem itself is small enough to fit in the hand of most adults.

Pearl appears to be the golden-colored torso and helmet of a suit of armor. He also wields a shield that is very like the Honor Pearl itself, with even the shine the same, floating around his where his left arm would be. Spinning around his right side are 3 pearl-handled daggers, which he uses for offense.

Pearl is about 2 meters tall (6.6 feet) and weighs 115 Kilograms (253.5 pounds). Although he levitates off the ground and controls his daggers and shield without a problem, he seems to be unable to float more than a few feet off the ground.


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