PSWhoa (or PSWhoa!) is a series of comics I drew in high school and later. They depict our characters in the video game Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II. Most of the pages have six panels, with two columns of three panels per page.

Characters Edit

See Characters from PSWhoa

Story Edit

While there is no real story, it mainly depicts the adventures of a group of heroes as they face the dangers of Ragnol. As things go on, more characters are added.

Books Edit

Book 1:Edit

Green Notebook: Intro to Josh, Charlie, Exhi!e, Jordan, Hidden Death, Nick, Skunky, and Angie. Background area intros.

Book 2:Edit

Red Notebook: Intro to Creme, elma, Katia, Kris, Amber, Jordan (clone 1), Jordan (clone 2),