Death Opal




Justin McCarrion


Death, undead,

Second form


Third form


Attack 1

Biopsy (Causes living material to decay off)

Attack 2

Dark Clasp (Black hand-looking energy grabs target)

Powers and History Edit

Opal is definitely one of the stronger gods. In fact, the only ones stronger are the Sexticle, and 3 of the 4 Forbidden Gems. This is because he has the powers over life and death, and seeing him usually means a death. There are rumors that even seeing the Death Opal (occasionally named the "World Opal") causes a loved one's death, but this is coincidental at the most.

Opal's Biopsy (pronounced bahy-oh-sahy) has the ability to cut a normal person in half, precisely down the middle. This means that he is probably one of the most dangerous gods. Adding to this is Opal's great glee in death. He will occasionally hunt down family members of those who have wronged him to harm his victim worse.

Topaz is a huge opponent to Opal, occasionally negating his killings and preventing him from killing others.

Although Opal is undead, he seems to be resistant to white magic. This goes for his victims as well. One of the few ways to bring back a victim of Opal is through Topaz Essence, due to the latter's potent healing powers.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Death Opal is a sphere of black opal on a four-pronged pedestal. The markings on the opal are white, and resemble the continents of Nyntindois. This gives it the nickname "World Opal".

Opal looks like a colossal human skeleton. His fingers end in sharp claws. He also has two large spiked bones coming out of his back, curved and pointed forward. His skull has cow horns and a mouth full of sharp teeth.

Editor's Note: Opal, originally SkullClaspJosh, was inspired by the Digimon Skullgreymon. 


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