War Onyx




Adam Rhoni


Wars, battle, aggression

Second form


Third form


Attack 1

War Slam (Attacks with all 4 weapons)

Attack 2

Zantetsuken (Cuts opponent in half)

Powers and History Edit

Like Turquoise or Zircon, Onyx is a powerful god, but a restricted domain gives him less power. He loves bloodshed, and major battles. He usually appears to watch battles as they take place, usually from afar. It has been said that the battles he watches are some of the most interesting, due to deals with Granite, but this has not been proven.

Onyx's strength lies in, well, his strength. He is one of the strongest Elemental Gems. However, he seems to be reliant on his weapons, and his only spell is to return them back to his hands. It is unknown what the material of these weapons are, but they retain their sharpness and cleanness during battle.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The War Onyx (not to be confused with WarOnyx) is a bead of onyx embedded into a black circular plague.

Onyx is a vaguely humanoid creature. However, it would be more accurate to call him a 4-armed minotaur. Additionally, he is very muscular and his body is covered in some sort of shell-like covering. He slouches forward a bit, as well. His face and head looks like a bulls, with two horns at the top.

Onyx's four arms extend from the front and back of his upper body. His front left hand wields a sword, while his front right wields a hammer. His back left wields an axe, and his back right wields a spear. He is said to always wield these items, and they symbolize the wars of the past.


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