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Morale and strength,

Second form

Obsidian II

Third form

Obsidian Cubed

Attack 1

Obiclaw (Cuts with obsidian claw)

Attack 2

Pulse Cannon (Shoots a ring-shaped energy blast)

Powers and History Edit

While one of the weaker gods, Obsidian is definitely a powerful fighter. His small size makes him an evasive target, and he is one of the most agile gods because of this. However, Obsidian is fairly antsy if he has not had a challenge in a while, and worshipers sometimes create duels between him and certain others. Usually he doesn't go full force, and allows the target to win on occasions. It is unknown why he does this, but there is usually no reason; he might go full force on the same person that he lost a match to, even on the same day.

Those that win wars often attribute their success to praying to Obsidian. This is because it is said that those that do will not have any trouble with the morale of their soldiers. However, more generals still attribute their success to Onyx, so Obsidian doesn't get as much publicity as he should. Obsidian is good friends with both Peridot which is odd due to the latter's opposing domain.

Those hit by his Obiclaw and survive have said that the scars still burn for decades afterward. This may be due to the perfect blade and that a few traces of obsidian found beneath the skin.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Courage Obsidian is shaped like Obsidian's right hand. It is mainly square, except for the right triangle on the top, facing left. The point is darkest black, and the color fades until the base, which is a light gray color.

Obsidian is very small, measuring about 50 centimeters (about 20 inches) tall and 22.7 grams (about 8 ounces). This makes many of the other gods tower over him.

Obsidian's body looks to be made of some sort of metal. His legs are human-like, with joints at the knees and ankles. His right arm is segmented, and a single obsidian claw extends from his wrist. His left arm is basically a gun that connects to a square shoulder. All of his appendages connect directly to his head, which is a near-perfect sphere. On his face are two scowling eyes, a horizontal mouth that extends the entire front width of his face with two fangs sticking out, and three markings which appear like screws lining his forehead to his mouth.

Obsidian has two tanks on his back, both with a black pattern on their top. It is unknown whether or not this is why Obsidian seems to levitate.

Editor's Note: Obsidian is based off of the Digimon Metal Mamemon.


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