Power Moonstone


Power Moonstone


Steve Asura


Force, Dragons, strength

Second form

Luna Moonstone

Third form


Attack 1

Mega Cannon (Shoots energy out of back-mounted Cannon)

Attack 2

Gigablast (Exhales an energy blast out of mouth)

Powers and History Edit

Little is known about Moonstone. However, he is likely worshiped by dragons. He communicates through screeches and roars. It is also mostly unknown what his domains are, as "Power" is a very vague item. He is a middle of the road god, not being weak, but not Sexticle level. He compares nicely with Zircon or Onyx.

Moonstone's attacks are powerful, and he is fairly strong. However, he is also likely to sputter out in long battles, as he will use most of his power at the beginning, attempting to overpower at first.

Excluding Diamond, Moonstone is probably the most aerial based god, and could survive for weeks flying. This may be due to his metal body parts, however.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Power Moonstone, like the Disease Bloodstone is rectangular with its corners missing. However, Moonstone is usually held vertically. The plaque-like part of Moonstone has crossing diagonal lines over the entire portion. The actual moonstone is held in the center, and looks vaguely like a crescent moon.

Moonstone looks similar to a pterodactyl, with a horizontal based body, wings, and two legs. His head is situated on a narrow, but long neck, and has small eyes with a snout and a protrusion in the back of the skull. Moonstone also has a tail. While not flying, he can tuck his wings inward.

Parts of Moonstone are obviously metal, such as the legs and a fan-like portion on the tip of his tail. The wings also have metal covering them. But the most likely proof that Moonstone is mechanical is the back-mounted cannon. It can easily tuck into his back, leaving almost no evidence, yet is larger than his head. It has the ability to angle straight upward, thanks to a joint halfway down, and turn in a semicircle.

Moonstone measures at 3.5 meters (about 11.5 feet) from nose to tail, and has a wingspan of 5.3 meters (17.5 feet), and weighs 579 Kilograms (about 1276.5 pounds).


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