AKA: Matt #2

Matthew Jell, nicknamed Matt #2 due to Matt already being a name is a neutron. Neutrons are slime-like creatures that are vaguely humanoid. He is intelligent for his race, who usually don't become tame or live alongside man. He is mainly purple, but has magenta rings in random areas on his body. His organs consist of two orbs, one controlling his torso and one controlling his head. These orbs have a sensitive series of nerves connecting them, with the center one also connecting to two lesser orbs in his arms, which control them. He also has two eyes and a mouth.

He has between five and seven spikes on his head, which he uses to attack with. His attacks also include poisoning the opponent and punching with a pseudo-fist. He also has the ability to disassemble himself, allowing him to move quickly and avoid attacks. His organs are no more vulnerable during this time than normal. His strongest attack is to turn into a large mallet and attack an opponent. He calls this his Sludge Hammer attack.