Lava, while a hero, is very single-minded. As his name applies, he only cares about lava, specifically, eating it. Little is known other than this. By eating lava, he keeps a high body temperature, and his entire body is very resistant to heat. He eats it like a mechanical crane picks up objects, using his large bottom jaw to scoop lava. His mouth also seems to have baleen, similar to a large whale, to keep foreign objects out.

Lava is amply named, as not only does he consume lava, but many of his special attacks involve regurgitating lava at his opponents. He can shoot a blast over 50 yards, with moderately low amounts of trail. A ball will usually be 1 meter in circumference (3.2 feet). He can also spread out lava, dealing much less damage, but over a greater area.

As said before, he has a large bottom jaw, and it is reported that a human could sit comfortably in it (given that they have heat resistant gear). He also has very narrow eyes, and a long neck. His body is octopus like, with eight tentacles coming out of it in a circular pattern. His front and back pairs of tentacles have long knife-like blades.

Lava Tank Edit

Lava Tank is Lava's more powerful form. The basic body is the same, but larger. All his tentacles, excluding the front set, are gone, and are replaced by tank-like treads. The remaining tentacles are larger, and have even larger blades on them. He has a large cannon on his supposed stomach.

Moving upward, Lava tank has a telescopic neck, and a much more metallic-looking head. His bottom is much more pronounced, and has five large teeth. On his head, he has another laser gun, which connects to a crane on his back.