Corruption Kunzite






Manipulation, Evil as a whole, Evil creatures

Second form

Magi Kunzite

Third form

Despair Kunzite

Attack 1

Darkness Spell (Deals Darkness-based damage)

Attack 2

Mind Manipulation (Controls weak-willed creatures or those with evil in their hearts)

Powers and History Edit

Kunzite is the stone of corruption. It is likely the evilest god, as corrupting others to kill is worse that wanton killing. When Kunzite does appear, it usually means that his plans would be spoiled otherwise.

Kunzite, with the evilness in his heart, was another of the 4 Forbidden Gems. Unfortunately, sealing away Kunzite was likely the reason the Forbidden Gems were unearthed, as he still had traces of power outside the area.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Corruption Kunzite is a lightning-bolt shaped black jewel. It does have some depth, however.

If not for the bat wings, Kunzite could pass for a human. He looks like a young mage, with a purple cloak, long staff, and crooked hat. His hair extends past his shoulders. Kunzite also wears a mask, obscuring his eyes but not his vision.

Editor's Note: Kunzite is likely based off of the Yugioh monster Dark Magician.


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