This article is about the species named josh. For other uses of the word "Josh", see Josh (disambiguation).

Joshes are one of the original species of Nyntindois, and perhaps the most plentiful. They are vaguely monkey-like, with their brown fur, long tails, and ears. Occasionally, they have a lighter patch on their stomach. They can usually support themselves by one limb, including their tail.

Joshes are very human-like as well, with the ability to stay bipedal for their whole lives. They are able to speak multiple languages, including man. Their culture remains fairly close to Humans, and often don't make any new discoveries. This isn't that their stupid, but as a race they are fairly lazy. They tend to live a bit longer than humans due to their relaxed nature, but not much.

Joshes have finned digits on their hands and feet. They also have retractable claws and fairly sharp teeth, meaning that they can fairly damage an opponent unarmed. It is said that a josh on all fours with its tail up and snarling means that you should get out fairly quick, as they may attack. Never call a josh a monkey, ape, or anything similar, as they will usually respond with physical attacks or a scathing remark.

The mating habits of joshes are similar to humans. In fact, other than humans, they can successfully mate with the most variety of man species. They are usually faithful, but enjoy a healthy sexual relationship.

There are almost no wild joshes, but Viney is a fairly known one. They tend to live in secluded forested areas.

Josh 1510 is the emperor of joshes, but leaves most of the work to his subordinates.