This article is about Josh from the PSWhoa comics. For other uses of the word "Josh", see Josh (disambiguation).

Josh is the leading male in the PSWhoa comics, and the presumed artist/writer. He has a fairly protective hero-type personality, and is all around a good person to hang around. However, he is fairly perverse (like most of the males in PSWhoa), though he doesn't show it as much. He also has a way of making jokes out of anything. He claims that the only influences he takes are sugar and caffeine, though rumors are ongoing.

Josh, like Josh 1510, is a bit of a trickster, and tries to make jokes about even dire situations. He stays calm, and is usually the last one to fight in tournaments. Josh rarely swears, especially compared to other characters.

Josh is a HUmar, and prefers Twin Swords-Type weapons. However, recently he's been using powerful swords and katanas mainly. He doesn't use spells very often, but will cast a Resta or two in dire straights. He also keeps a wide away of medical tools, such as Trimates or Sol Atomizers, which in addition to his weapons, means he doesn't have much room for drops.

Josh is where the phrase "Musashi Rush" comes from. Basically, you use the special of the Musashi (deals more damage, but damages self) and are aided by constant castings of Resta. It's a berserk strategy that worked for quite some time.

There really isn't anything special about Josh's looks. His outfit rarely has ornament, and his hair is short (although in early strips it was in a ponytail).


Josh is friends with Jordan, and have been since they have been children. Even though Jordan is rich, their friendship mainly consists of bad jokes and innuendos (Such as Duty jokes), and often bounce jokes off of each other.

Josh has married Creme, and before that they were dating. However, a crashed mission left her stranded on Ragnol for quite some time. Their meeting was an odd one, and they knew they would be lovers from the first meeting when Josh saved her from a bear.

Gofo (short for Good FOnewearl) is a clone from many different newmen, including Creme. She has a strong connection to Josh, due to him being the first one she saw when she emerged from the tube. Thanks to a mission to save Creme, Gofo is able to stay with Josh in a non-sexual Master/Servant way.

Josh's brother, also called Josh, is the main custom antagonist, and has been fought twice, both times being defeated by (this) Josh.