Poison Jasper






Poisons and toxins, and the creatures that secrete them

Second form

Toxic Jasper

Third form

Jasper Rex

Attack 1

Venomous Bite (Bites with poisonous fangs)

Attack 2

Wave Shriek (Screeches loudly to confuse and lower opponent's guard)

Powers and History Edit

Jasper is a moderately powerful god. However, he is rarely worshiped, due to the concerns people have. Among snakefolk, however, he is usually the top god. This may be due to the looks though.

Jasper has a rivalry going with Bloodstone over domain powers. The disagreements was what constitutes a disease and what constitutes a poison. The matter was settled when disease were specified as anything that is considered contagious. Jasper also gained domain over venomous creatures, such as serpents.

Those poisoned by Jasper's venom are very likely to die. It shuts down the mind fairly quickly, usually within an hour. Normal antidotes do not work, and only powerful white mages can cure the poison. In addition, the barbs on his back are also considered poisoned-filled, but the poison is not as extreme in them; any universal antidote usually does the trick.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Poison Jasper is nearly a sphere. Upon close inspection, it appears to have extremely small facets, giving off a look of a pure sphere. The stone itself is green.

Jasper is a serpent. To be precise, however, he appears to be a cobra, due to the hood near his head. The scale pattern on his back gives off a diamond-back like design. He also has strange markings on his hood, and it may seem that the patterns slowly change, but that is an optical illusion. He has two major fangs on his upper and lower jaw which extend outward, even when his mouth is closed.

He has barbs lining the sides of his hood. When they meet near the "neck", they become a single row, extending down the length of his spine.


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