Forgetfulness Jasmine






Memory, and the loss and gaining of it

Second form

Crypt Jasmine

Third form

Vile Jasmine

Attack 1

Unknown Path (Eliminates memories of target)

Attack 2


Powers and History Edit

Not much is known about Jasmine. This is a mix between the fact that it is the gem of forgetfulness and the fact that it is one of the 4 Forbidden Gems, meaning that it was one of the later gems to be discovered.

Jasmine has few, if any, worshipers. This is because of a multitude of reasons, including his apathy towards supporters. It is also unknown who keeps his sacred gem.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Forgotten Jasmine looks like a golden Egyptian eye, with a base. The actual jewel is in the center of the eye.

Jasmine has a humanoid figure, standing at about 1.83 Meters (6 feet) tall. However, his appearance looks goblin-like. Much of his flesh hangs off of him like his body was half-digested or decayed. The major parts that he lacks skin on is the chest, the left hand, the upper right hand, and all of his right lower leg. He also has a spine theme going, with three on his left back and two on each elbow. His digits are also clawed.

Jasmine's facial features are almost reptilian, with a pronounced snout. His four ears, two of which are behind the first pair, have lost almost all flesh. Finally, his eyes are cat-like.

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