Love Jade






Love and attraction, relationships, fertility

Second form

Skull Jade

Third form

Venom Jade

Attack 1

Joy Sting (Uses tail to deliver a soothing poison)

Attack 2

Ruin Constrict (Grabs in claws and stings with tail)

Powers and History Edit

Although she does not have a well-defined domain, Jade is fairly strong. She usually visits newlyweds in order to grace them with children. However, she does enjoy messing with the men, making it a kind of trial. She can emit pheromones that very few individuals can resist, but the trial usually has a much weaker version. There are many cases of marriages ending to her charms. There have been reports of her having the wives go through the trial, so it is not exclusively males.

Jade is a moderate shapeshifter, and can emulate the looks of almost any humanoid. She usually disguises as an attractive female. It is said that she is constantly up to date on fashion, and can also form clothing for her alternate forms.

Jade's venom is like an aphrodisiac, but heavy doses, such as those that she injects in battle, can cause loss of feeling due to the nervous system shutting down. People have used it in small doses, and report increased vigor. Additionally, a small amount mixed with ink can cause people to fall in love with the writing or image drawn. It loses some of it's power, however, causing people who didn't see it at the strongest have concerns.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Love Jade is the most worked Elemental Gem. It has been fashioned into a scorpion-looking brooch, with four legs, two claws, and a pointed tail. The jewel is set into the body, and is protected by a gold back.

Jade has many forms, due to her shapeshifting abilities. However, when confronted with battle, she takes her true form. This form is a giant scorpion. Her legs are segmented, as are her hands, which end in two claws. Each claw is large enough to grab and hold an average human. She also usually has a very solemn face. Her tail is like a scorpions, with a stinger with fairly sharp barbs. It is said that she can pierce steel with her stinger.


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