Destiny Granite






Fate and Gambling

Second form


Third form


Attack 1

Epicenter (Attacks ground for earth based damage. More damaging if closer)

Attack 2

Elemental Rage (Attacks with a random element)

Powers and History Edit

Granite is a strange god. This is because he controls the fates, such as what roads a man would take. However, he is not interested in most of mankind, and thus doesn't control as much as he could. He is also not intelligent enough to plan elaborate plans like Kunzite can. Overall, it seems that Granite is a lesser god that really doesn't do anything or care for worshipers.

Granite's attacks involve him smashing his front hooves into the ground to cause either earth-based attacks or a random elemental attack.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Destiny Granite looks like the Disease Bloodstone, being a rectangle with it's corners cut off, but about half of it is removed. It also has a thick black border around the every side except the right. There are also 2 half-finished hexagons pointing inward. The top hexagon is the only part of the gem that extends past the cut line, giving it a unique shape.

Granite looks like a bull. He has four hooves, a fur-lined body, and a horned head. The hair color changes at random, but is usually a shade of brown.

Editor's Note: Granite is based off of the Summon from Final Fantasy VII Kjata.

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