Machine Garnet







Second form

Mench Garnet

Third form

Garnet Spider

Attack 1

Sniper Barrage (Uses guns for long distance attacks)

Attack 2

Megashot (Shoots a ball of energy)

Powers and History Edit

Garnet is one of the newer gods (as machines haven't been around for long), and one of the least powerful. It has been said that Garnet is man-made god. This is technically not true. Garnet was created by the Machine King, which in turn was created by humans. The creation of Garnet was to have a seat in the Elemental Gems for the machines, and they succeeded.

Garnet favors Long-distance fighting, and usually hops or teleports to a good vantage point before the battle begins. He then proceeds to snipe opponents without moving. Garnet can also summon various items, but prefers to use guns in battle. He can also manipulate electronic devices for a limited time, and hang off walls using only his legs.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Machine Garnet has, as a base, a vertical oval with a hexagon in the middle. Each point in the hexagon has a facet that extends past the length of the oval, making it have six points.

Garnet is reminiscent of Topaz's body, with the four spider legs on bottom and the scope on the right eye. However, the resemblance ends there. Garnet's legs meet on a platform, and said platform has a set of movable bars that manipulate his size. These bars meet on another platform, where his head lies.

Garnet's Head is mainly round, except for his eyes and a cone-shaped top. His eyes are hidden behind a pair of goggles with a scope in the left lens. His right eye is very small.


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