Emil is a close ally of Cole's. He was a experiment by Dr. X, and is basically living slime. He is odorless, meaning that he is perfect for stealth missions, especially those that require stealth. He usually uses poison-based attacks.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

Emil looks like a puddle of green, somewhat glowing, slime. He can manifest as a human-looking creature, with arms and two large red eyes. This is usually the form he battles in.


War of the WorldsEdit

Emil is fought Inside (Dr. X's lab). He has 7,000 HP, and is between two breakable walls.

War of the Worlds II: Time TravelEdit

Emil is fought on the moon base, and has 8,000 HP.

War of the Worlds VII: Y3KEdit

While an optional boss, Emil is worth the trouble. He is found in a chest in the Emerald Shrine. He has 1,000 HP and 1,200 MP. Defeating him earns 1,300 EXP, 500 GP and two Emerald Blades.

He is especially difficult to defeat due to his high evade combined with poisoning moves.