Hope Emerald




Sam 52


Keeping Morale up, Defense, Healing

Second form

Death Emerald

Third form

Diablo Emerald

Attack 1

Mega Shield (Blocks any attack)

Attack 2

Hope Dagger (Deals more damage if HP is lower)

Powers and History Edit

Emerald is always the god most attributed to serving mankind (and other species as well). This leads to him being one of the most supported gods. This is good because not only is he generous, he also represents mankind in the Sexticle.

Emerald's power level varies. Depending on the amount of hope he has around him, he gets stronger. Thus, he is more powerful when the proverbial chips are down. At his lowest power level, he is still fairly strong, rivaling Opal or Moonstone at there strongest. At his highest, however, it is said that his powers rival those of Topaz. However, this has never been proven, as the perceived dire straights could mean Doomsday. On average, he is stronger than the Elemental Lords, ensuring his position in the Sexticle.

Whereas many Elemental Gems use their powers for offense, Emerald is more defensive in battle. Mega Shield is nearly impenetrable, and gets stronger with each stage. On the other hand, Hope Dagger is only used once per battle, and usually finishes the opponent. If not, chances are that Emerald would not be able to win that battle, as it severely weakens him.

Looks and Appearance Edit

The Hope Emerald is one of the unworked gems. It looks like a clump of stone with three emeralds sticking out. The largest one is on the right, and nearly stands vertically. The middle one is smaller, and points toward the left. The smallest one sticks out of the left side horizontally. There is no support as to which is the actual Hope Emerald, as they all seem to radiate the same power.

The reason many people revere Emerald is due to his looks. He looks very angelic, with bright green wings. He also has a light set of armor on, including a winged helmet that hides his face, except for the mouth. He also wields a staff, which is rumored to be the Emerald Rod. Much of Emerald's coloring is either white or green.

Editors Note: Emerald was most likely based off of Angemon, a Digimon

Tactics Edit

See Emerald (Boss)

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