The Elemental Gems are the resident gods of Nyntindois. Each one has their own domain, and they stick to that. There are some disagreements between certain domains, such as Jasper, who controls poisons, and Bloodstone, who controls diseases, and also between opposing domains, such as Opal and Topaz.

The 4 Forbidden Gems, while elemental gems, were created later, and may not be entirely included.

There is some controversy as to whether or not Cube counts as an Elemental Gem. In addition, Gemini is used as a gem in War of the Worlds X: Shadows of Skies.

Elemental Gems

Topaz - Quartz - Ruby - Diamond - Emerald - Sapphire

Obsidian - Pearl - Granite - Bloodstone - Moonstone - Garnet

Amethyst - Aquamarine - Opal - Onyx - Peridot - Zircon

Turquoise - Jasper - Jade

Cordierite - Jasmine - Agate - Kunzite