Wind Diamond




Jake Ace


Control over Winds, electricity, storms, and electric- and air-based creatures

Second form


Third form

Diamond Dragon

Attack 1

Devolution Beam (Returns target to original form)

Attack 2

Trauma Laser (Shoots out electricity beam from core)

Powers and History Edit

Diamond is the Elemental Lord of Air and Wind (although many people consider those to be the same domain). Light and wispy, he cares little for his worshipers, plowing through them as he would any other lesser creature. Diamond is known for causing tornadoes and other storms at random. However, he is known for being very generous, and may end storms for as little reason as causing them.

Having the largest domain of the elemental lords causes Diamond to think highly of himself, to the point where he considers all other gods, Sexticle and 4 Forbidden Gems excluded, to be superfluous.

Devolution Beam, while harmless to the victim, may cause the battle to swing wildly in Diamond's favor. Almost no individual could be considered an equal to Diamond in their original form.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Wind Diamond is a large diamond, about the size of a human head. It is pentagon-shaped, pointing downward into a Y-shaped carrier. The bottom of the diamond is multifaceted. It has been proven that the Wind Diamond can correctly show the next days weather by looking into it.

Diamond looks like a storm, specifically as a Tornado or Hurricane. Two eyes appear on the clouds making him up. In the center is a large spherical object with prongs, usually referred to as his "Core". This core is usually where his electrical-based attacks strike from. While Diamond's dimensions vary, his core is about the size of a small house.

Those that look to approach Diamond are warned, as his winds have been known to pick up almost anything. This, mixed with his ability to drop down anywhere and his storm-like area, make him a dangerous god to visit.

Editor's Note: Diamond, like the rest of the Elemental Lords, was inspired by the titans of the Disney movie Hercules.


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