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Powers and History Edit

Cube was once considered an Elemental Gem, and some still consider it to be one. However, popular opinion states that he is not one. This is mainly due to him not being named after a particular gemstone. The Cube gem has no major crystal in it's make up to be considered a gem, either.

Cube's power is mainly physical, with little to no special attacks. However, it is likely that his base strength exceeds many of the Elemental Gems. In fact, Cube is probably as strong as weaker ones such as Pearl.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Cube is named that due to its perfect Cubical nature. In fact, it occurred naturally as well. It is also very clear, to the point where you can see through it with no coloration.

Cube looks like a huge, four-armed cyclops. Two arms are where arms normally go, while the other pair seem to be directly behind them. He is very muscular, towers over buildings, and can easily lift a small house using only one hand.

The armor Cube wears is not that protective, actually. However, since he does have a humanoid body, it is necessary to cover himself. The armor is primarily steel and bronze, both of which have traces in the gem. It consists of four shoulder pads, a breast plate, and a loin cloth. The front of the cloth has a rectangle pattern with a border. The purpose of this design is unknown.