Time Cordierite






Controlling time, aging, and time travel

Second form

Fairy Cordierite

Third form

Miracle Cordierite

Attack 1

Time Warp (Opponent cannot move or be damaged for a period of time)

Attack 2


Powers and History Edit

Cordierite, the last of the 4 Forbidden Gems, was a pleasant surprise. While the other gems were obviously evil, Cordierite seems to be a more caring Goddess, much like Emerald. It is assumed that she was sealed away to guard over the other three in purgatory.

Time a is fairly powerful force, allowing Cordierite to sense the immediate future and avoid battles. When confronted, she tends to lock powerful opponents away to deal with minions before actually fighting.

There is a rumor that Cordierite and Emerald are wife and husband, respectably, due to their similar body structures and fighting style. There has been no known proof, however.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Time Cordierite is a chunk of rock with various spherical crystals sticking out. The colors of the gems are various colors of the rainbow.

Cordierite has the appearance of a female angel. However, her right wing is a bat wing, which is usually found on Evil creatures. This may signify how people change over time. She is usually dressed in a tattered robe, and has a heart on her chest. When seen, she usually positions her hands together with both palms facing up.

Her facial features are human-like, and almost always has a smile. Her hair extends to her hips, and her bangs are fairly long, and the sides extend past her shoulders.

Editor's Note: Cordierite is based off of the Yugioh card Change of Heart.


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