Disease Bloodstone






Causing infection, viruses, and bacteria. Also has a small hand in undead plagues.

Second form


Third form

Bone Bloodstone

Attack 1

Hyper Poison (Deals damage and a slow muscle decay-causing poison)

Attack 2

Entropy (Damages target through small viruses blocking various blood vessels, may cause flesh to melt)

Powers and History Edit

Bloodstone, historically, has a lot of disagreements between Jasper and Opal. The disagreements he has against Jasper is what constitutes a disease and what constitutes a poison. The matter was settled when disease were specified as anything that is considered contagious. The war with Opal, while less open, is due to the fact that Bloodstone is occasionally mistaken as a servant of him, due to the fact that Bloodstone is undead.

Bloodstone started to become unappealing during plagues such as the Black Plague. Today, Bloodstone has few worshipers, and those who do are usually doing it for villainous reasons. Bloodstone is not an specifically an evil god, but is publicized as one due to having a disturbing domain. Bloodstone has the ability to disassemble himself for transport reasons, making it seem like he teleports.

In battle, Bloodstone is fairly feared, due to his agonizing attacks. Both of his attacks may not kill a victim, but they will be feeling the pain over their entire life, unless they seek White Magic aid. In fact, many White Mages have been able to destroy Bloodstone. However, even if he is turned into dust, he may be ingested or inhaled into a new victim.

Once he gets a new body, Bloodstone slowly melts flesh, organs, etc. off, turning it into the blue and red material that Bloodstone is known for. This new body, devoid of its past soul, becomes his new body. Due to this, the only wielders of Bloodstone are already undead. It is unknown if he can inhabit bodies outside mankind, as he tends to only go for them.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Disease Bloodstone is a rectangle shape as a base, but with the corners cut off. The majority of the gem is dark blue, with various red shapes on it. It is said that these shapes change their pattern each time Bloodstone changes hosts.

Bloodstone is one of the most unappealing gods. He currently stands at 2.5 meters (8.2 feet), and weights 100 Kilograms (220.5 pounds) though changes in hosts change his height and weight. He is vaguely human-shaped, with a torso, two arms, and a head supported on two shoulders. However, the majority of his body, excluding his head and left arm, are covered in a thick blue slime with strange red markings. It is said that the markings are ring-shaped, similar to those that were seen during the black plague. The right side of the body is covered with this sludge, causing the right arm to be nearly as thick around as the area where the two legs were.

The remaining portions not shown are distinctly skeletal. Additionally, for some reason, the left hand of Bloodstone always has 4 fingers. There do seem to be eyes within the sockets of the skull.

Editor's Note: Bloodstone is loosely based off of the Final Fantasy VIII boss Gerogero.


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