Benny Ray Ovac




Tesla Park, Zigastone


Plus (Held in left hand, Drumstick)
Minus (Held in right hand, Drumstick)


Electrozap (shoots out star shaped electrical energy balls in a ring shape)
Electrobolt (calls down electricity to hit target)
Electrostatic (wall of static electricity)
Electromagnet (Electrocutes a metal object, forcing metal items (swords, armor, etc.) to get drawn to it)
Eye Laser (Shoots laser out of left eye)
Musical Interlude (Plays song. Is invulnerable while playing, but defeated once song ends)




July 26



Benny is, first and foremost, a musician. He is usually wearing a snare drum, which is what he hits to call lightning. He also has been known to play the electric guitar. Occasionally, he plays with his old band mates when he can. His favorite song is Jukebox Hero, and that is usually the song he plays during his Musical Interlude attack. He is close friends with Ben 52.

It is very difficult for Benny to speak. He finds it easier to speak in Mugogen, and the only time he can speak in other languages is if he is singing (this is mainly due to the oral mimicry most Mugogens have).

Looks and AppearanceEdit

Benny looks like a typical Mugogen, but due to an unfortunate puddle accident, the left side of his face and left eye are robotic. His usually outfit consists of a rubber bodysuit that covers everything but the hands, feet, and face. the bottom half of his face is obscured by a scarf, meaning only his eyes are revealed.


Benny can transform into Cloud, which is yellow cloud that releases electricity, and is only slightly stronger than Benny himself. He is also the controller of the Electric Elemental, and also Pearl.