Water Aquamarine




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Water and water creatures

Second form


Third form

Greater Aquamarine

Attack 1

Tidal Wave (Summons a tidal wave)

Attack 2

Water Spout (Causes a tornado-like column of water)

Powers and History Edit

Although it takes a backseat to Sapphire, Aquamarine is no slouch. It can and has destroyed coastal cities, and enjoys to be left alone. The difference is that Sapphire is much stronger than Aquamarine. He seems to mostly have control over bodies of water, and thus cannot usually emerge far from them, as he would lose power. Some have compared him to a grumpy old man, which could be considered accurate.

Many fishers thank Aquamarine for large catches. He is considered to favor male fishers, for whatever reason.

Many of Aquamarine's attacks require him to summon something, but the water he uses seems to be created for attack purposes only. No water is actually displaced by his strikes.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Water Aquamarine is a hexagon within a hexagon. The center hexagon has lines connecting the six corners. The aquamarine is a deep blue.

Aquamarine looks like a large lobster, with six legs, a segmented body, and two large claws. He also has a tail with fine hairs on it. It appears that he has four wavy antennas, two on each side of his face and top of his head. He also seems to have a beard made up of chitin.


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