Peace Amethyst




Amber Sky


Compassion, agreement, solace

Second form

Amethyst ZERO

Third form

Mystery Amethyst

Attack 1

Sand Whirlwind (Converts body into raging whirlwind of sand)

Attack 2

Sand Blast (Causes calming sand to cover target)

Powers and History Edit

Amethyst is a weaker god due to an ill-defined domain. She is also one of the few female gods. She tends to evade combat, and enjoys stopping both Onyx and Obsidian's battles. By doing so, she is considered a benevolent god, and she also enjoys meeting her worshipers.

Amethyst is a defensive goddess. She uses her ability to disperse to avoid combat, but when the battle seems irresistible, she will fight her hardest. Many of her attacks cause the targets' attacks to miss.

The majority of Amethyst's past are found in desert regions. Whether this is where she originated is up for debate. Many desert nation's leaders are tested by her to see if they can withhold their rage. Those that are judged to not be peaceful leaders are never seen again.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

The Peace Amethyst is a triangular shaped gem. In the middle, there is a piece that connects to the middle of each side, making another much darker triangle.

Amethyst's body, like Ruby's, is amorphous. The difference is that Amethyst is made out of sand. She also usually has two hands and a head when seen, though. It is stated that she is an ally of Quartz, which not only explains her make up, but also explains how she is able to travel underground. In addition, although she does leave a trail of sand, she does not actually lose any body mass.

As stated, Amethyst usually has a head. This head occasionally has a small amount of grass growing on the back of it. It is unknown the purpose of this grass. Her eyes are the only facial feature she has, and they are in a pocket of deep wet sand on her face.


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