Forbidden Agate


Forbidden power




Sealing evil away, Ultimate destructive forces

Second form

Fusion Agate

Third form


Attack 1

Obliteration Laser (Shoots beam of supreme force from both mouths.

Attack 2

Ultima (Blast of ultimate magical force)

Powers and History Edit

Agate is the most powerful of the Elemental Gems. However, its power is also unrestrained, leading it to become the original reason the 4 Forbidden Gems exist. In fact, Topaz was so afraid of Agate's power, the elemental gem is actually broken into two. This created two creatures, the Agate Dragon and the Agate Demon. Correctly putting the broken pieces together cause the Dragon and Demon to merge into Agate almost immediately.

Although powerful, it is also one of the most evil gods, crushing all with it's great power. It is said that once Agate has a target in sight, it is nearly impossible to stop. Even some weaker gods final forms are powerless against Agate's base form.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

As stated before, the Forbidden Agate is split into two parts. The seam is jagged. When brought together, they appear to look like a pear-shaped and -sized Agate with a hole cut in the top part.

Agate's looks vary by the form it is in.

Agate Demon

The Agate Demon is based off of the left, more magical head. The body is vaguely humanoid, but definitely demonic in nature. It has very muscular body, and a long forked tail ending in three points. The Agate Demon also has four spikes on his shoulder, three sticking upwards and one pointing horizontally. There are also spikes on his shoulder blades.

The facial features of the Agate Demon are very skeletal, with a very flat face. Sharp teeth hide a forked tongue. Finally, curled horns extend to his chin.

Agate Dragon

As opposed to the sleek design of the Agate Demon, the Agate Dragon is a lot more rugged. This may have to do with the differences in battle. The Agate Dragon has 4 thick tails. The body of the Agate Dragon is fairly draconic, with spines lining his back and scales covering most of his body. The Agate Dragon walks on all fours, and lacks wings.

The facial features of the Agate Dragon are very intimidating, however. Slit-like eyes are positioned over a maw covering in vicious teeth, and the nostrils continually emit a small amount of smoke. Two large, curved horns extend from the top of the head to the jaw. The Agate Dragon's neck is also very flexible, able to see even behind him.


Once the two meet, however, a powerful force is created. Agate's base body structure looks like a turtle, with a reptilian shell covering most of the body. On this shell are eight spikes as well. From this shell extend eight legs, two in each direction. The front and back legs seem to be it's support as they appear much sturdier. However, the claws and long spike on a protrusion on the front-side legs are never-the-less dangerous.

The two heads of Agate resemble the heads of it's two parts, and the necks are as flexible as Agate Dragons.


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